Pineapples in Paradise

5 min readJan 24, 2021


"You know I'm not good for you, I'm never gonna be able to treat you the way you want, not today"

It wasn't like this was the first time he had said those words and she more than anyone knew he wasn't good for her not even her health, it was a cycle she knew.

But there was something about the way he pulled her hair from the back and chocked her while whispering about how he owned her then acted like he had no idea who she was the next day that left her wanting him more even though she was supposed to be angry.

None of it was her fault, it wasn't her fault that she had spent last summer stalking the new guy in Istenmezeje, it wasn't her fault that she had fallen from this guy that clearly wasn't from around here.

It was in seeing the charisma and energy with which he trained the children all around the neighbourhood in football on Saturdays as well as the way he could switch languages with confidence no matter who he was speaking to, that she finally came around to saying "hey" which was surprisingly met by a smile that made her lips tingle and her skin get covered in goosebumps.

He wasn't the most emotionally available guy having experienced constant heartbreak mixed with the loss of his grandmother who had raised him his whole life but everyday she spent talking to him on walks through the forest being stalked by wild deers waiting to steal what they had brought from her dad's farm to enjoy the very cliché but romantic scenery from the girls overlooking the village.

All of this made her even less prepared for what came the first night they kissed right in front of her house...

Red mood lights made her room just as sinister as the way he looked at her through the mirror while kissing her neck, music playing masked the sound of her loud moans as he took her body like it was his.

She could feel the traces of cold following every place his tongue went; from her neck to her red nipples standing firm to her thighs and back up between her legs while his fingers stayed in her mouth as he spread the lips down below.

Feeling uncomfortable with the lack of reciprocated pleasure, it was finally her turn to do some touching as she firmly grabbed his cock with the same flare she was very well known for.

Spit, slurp and gags were her thing but what no one prepared her for was the backlash of his PTSD from bullying and physical abuse in high school which showed its masochistic face as he pulled her hair while slapping her face with his fat cocks as she choked on it like it was the last thing she'd ever taste

This roughness that surprised her at first was the kind of thing she constantly longed for as she took him by the balls like a sheep, pushing him onto the bed and sitting across his face as she sucked him like his life depended on it, stroking his dick like like she was trying to pull of his foreskin while he kissed her clit and played her pussy like a piano made all the moaning sound like a classical concert.

Flipping her over and putting her head in her pillow made it seem like cardio but as he pulled her up by the hair while hitting all her spots with both his surprisingly big dick and finger, he.....

This should however be about the sex, he was a very toxic guy who didn't care much by day but came back every night and even though she kept saying she hated him and didn't want to see him it always happened like Christmas that winter.

The cold made it particularly hard to resist each other even with a constantly changing relationship dynamic.

It wasn't unusual for him to be home alone during Christmas but the snow was particularly heavy that night and the heater was barely doing much good till he heard the knock. Even before a word was spoken, their clothes were gone and the only source of warmth for each other became the energy with which he thrust into her. Moans and a constant call "deeper" as he pounded with her legs around him like a belt of sorts.

The cold made every time she licked his nipples or he licked hers cause either a strong grunt or a loud moan.

Fucking her against the couch, on the floor and against the wall made it seem like pin ball as she squirt all over his dick

Christmas was definitely the best time for make up sex and no one even needed to say it.




what point is there in talking about a person that evolves everyday?