NeXtup: Here’s Why

A combination of the Kanji and the Arabic transcription of love

In 2017, while coming to test with the fact that I had just skipped all my exams for my second semester in the very first year of University which meant that for starters I might have to stay behind an extra year after graduation and that my GPA would also suffer a hard recovery

I got hit with a double hook from life when a relationship I was in broke apart and ended tragically mostly because of my inability to keep emotions in check as well as letting anxiety stemming from my insecurity about my height(I think I'm 5'8 at most), looks and financial situation compared to other guys and worse, compared to my closest friend, to be the end of that relationship.

This led to a depression for the next eight months as all my friendships deteriorated and my heart rate spiked rapidly whenever anything reminded me of her.

Around that time my journey to healing, learning and self development started from room a125 King Jaja hall at the University of Lagos; an 8-man room shared by nearly 30 guys and a rat with a bed bug to human ratio of 10:1 (trust me, you don't know how annoying they are till you wake up in the middle of the night to put the bugs you find in a plastic bottle and dry to drown them in water) and lastly, a ceiling fan so close that if you slept on the top bunk and raised your leg, you could lose it

I remember reading "The magic of thinking big" and "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" as well as starting to find the self development niche on twitter and that was IT, I was super refreshed and excited, started waking up early (that didn't last), started working out and that became my new source of motivation

Fast forward, 2019, I've now fully healed, depression out of the way and at that point I begin to finally see what nobody seemed to be saying which was that many of them in that niche were just trying to sell a course and of course I have no hard feelings about that but everyone was pretending like the circumstances of one's life didn't matter and I need to stop hearing the responsorial psalms of the self development world; "10,000 hours to be a master" "Read a book a day" "Read 52 books a year"

And what no one was saying was that application of what you read and the quality of what you get is more important that the quantity.
No one was saying that you don't need to finish every single book if it doesn't resonate with you.
No one was saying that financial models that they taught varied from environment to environment and sometimes from race to race within the same environment.
No one was saying how important it is to know that you can't do stuff on your own and that you need to get out there and find champions like yourself that will be your friends, expand your perspective and be your source of motivation like Mark and Luisa and Sophia even though we all don't know each other yet.

This really sparked my curiosity to sort of really wish I knew more about the backgrounds of some of the people I look up to, what they were like at my age, their emotional struggles, their solutions, the kind of friends they made, kept and more importantly, cut off.

And so the thought came, just a few days ago (today is 30th of July, 2020)
What if we created a community of potential leaders in various fields, countries and from different backgrounds who were still "potential" and let them share their stories of their journeys while in the early stages of those journeys so that those who are inspired by them years from now by a more evolved version of them could learn from the kind of struggles they had, their experiences, weaknesses, strengths, tools and most importantly, their perspectives.

This is what NeXtup has the potential the become; A platform for those who are Next up in making changes in their world to expand their perspectives of the world we live in and the Next Stop for the young leaders who aren’t aware of the direction to take yet.




what point is there in talking about a person that evolves everyday?

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what point is there in talking about a person that evolves everyday?

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