The other day while I listened to Vishen (can't spell his other name, it's Indian I think), the founder of Mindvalley and a strong believer in the level of human consciousness that lies above the physical ie the spiritual or transcendent consciousness. He made some statements about Christianity that would offend any believer, he made a statement that took a piss on the whole Christianity, something about it being ridiculous for Moses to part the red sea and that it was stupid for gay people to be wrong or for some dude in the sky to tell us how to live and that we were all sinners.

I very much respect Vishen and to be honest, I hope to be the first Nigerian Speaker at Mindvalley or A-fest sooner or later. And although I laughed and obviously disagreed, I could understand where he was coming from but that's not what I'm going to be talking about, I make it personal to keep my opinions on Religion, gender and sexual orientation to myself.

For someone like Vishen, who spends time educating people about the limitless boundaries of the transcendent consciousness and teaches practices like Meditation, Astral projection, Dream Communication, lucid dreaming to consider it ridiculous for Moses to part the red sea, that means therefore even in his seemingly endless possibilities paradigm, there was still something that wasn't possible and something considered "Magical thinking"

So by what metrics is the word "Impossible" measured for it to be that nothing is impossible.

Faith is the most ridiculous of all human possessions, yet it is the most potent, so how can something be considered to be impossible if the human mind can barely wrap around the imagination of what is possible.

Today, a friend of mine told be to be realistic and consider what's going on in the world around (his idea of reality) before I dream or imagine or something like that, so I asked what reality is?

If you have any answers, send a message or leave a comment, I look forward to hearing what you have to say.



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what point is there in talking about a person that evolves everyday?