Fuck School.

4 min readMar 3, 2020


And a little Chat about the Evolution Gap and it’s consequences for a guy under 5’11 when it come to women.

These days the energy feels different, not sure if it's because I'm in my final year or because I didn't expect final year to be this messed up, this annoying.

I've constantly run away from staying in school to increase scarcity and to also being around the wrong energy, I hope people understand though, that there's a gap between bad energy and wrong energy and this school is full of the wrong energy for me. It's not a place where I can really let myself fly because most people can't even communicate on the level I do, and I have no fucking clue on how to just meet people when I can't even tell the difference between the "money Pacman" and the "Intelligent Pikachu"

This space is awfully suffocating with stupidity, lack of focus and a whole lotta things that don't just trip me up.

Maybe it's not just this school and it's partly myself, I've grown tired of not growing and not being able to close the evolutionary gap that exists, because closing that gap would mean being a far more attractive specimen than currently.

On my way home today, evening time, slightly sweaty from playing around, apparently I don't even give a shit anymore how I look(Drip is eternal sha), in that mini bus enjoying the view across University road to Hebert Macauley road and the housing estate beside the barracks, I started to think about the evolution gap, a topic I had heard of from Eric Edmeades and how it affected the way the girls usually looked at me. Now there's the first group that I knew from my time of low confidence and as such people who knew me then have no possibility of sexual attraction in anyway because I lack the outlook of being able to provide a woman's second most important need; Security. Now that refers to physical, Emotional, psychological, financial and the gap explains it as thus:

In thousands of years gone by, when man hunted for food and the men of the tribes were the protectors of women and children who fought against unfavourable odds which include the odds of becoming food for Lions and Hyenas, what kind of Men do you think stood in front to fight the beasts? Exactly, The tall, Firm, well built men.

And what kind of men do you think brought the most food when they went out hunting? Exactly, the same ones.

So what kind of men appear as though they have the ability to provide security?

Exactly, The tall, firm, well built men. It's Genetic, it has always been in the DNA of women to be more interested in Tall men. It's not even their choice because asides from the emotional needs of a woman, Security is the most important thing a woman needs.

In the "22 immutable laws of marketing" a book by Jack trout and Al Reis, The law of perception states that marketing is about how the people perceive a product and less about the actual specs of the product because marketing is a battle fought in the mind. What I’ve found is that these laws apply in marketing your very self as a person.

Now, you're walking down a road and you see two guys, both dripping, dark skinned, well built and well spoken but one is about 6'3 while the other is 5'7, who are you going to be paying attention to? Exactly, you didn't even think about it twice, because your perception is that the he tall guy is whatever it is you think that makes him different and the short guy is less of,

Assuming you are a sapiosexual, the tall guy is probably more intelligent, right?

Wrong bitch, wrong. The short guy is a fucking genius but you don't know that cuz your stupid ass was hoping Idris Elba had the brains of Tim Ferriss

And that's what perception is

Especially in this age where money is now a show of security, the illusion of wealth is a string contender in the mind of a woman as opposed to its actually possession.

Fellow under 5'11s, the moral lesson is this; Stay fit, muscular and focus on securing the bag as well as improving your minds so you can dwarf these Goliath-looking ass nigga. It's a plus if you can cross and score on these non-greek freaks on the court. In other words it's alright to feel bummed for being short, it's also alright to be short, Don't let these bitches swerve you into priesthood.

Crush it!




what point is there in talking about a person that evolves everyday?