Dear Sophia,

I hope this meets you well. It's currently 10:35pm on the 5th of May in Nigeria. The country is a fucking mess and so has my self confidence, energy and interest in life. It's not been a sweet past four years of University in fact, I spent most of it working and living in tomorrow instead of actually being an undergraduate. All this led to suicidal thoughts recently and I hit a new low as I contemplated jumping of the amphitheatre at the University of Lagos head first.

Honestly, You and I are a lot alike but I'm funnier (as you already know), however that's only when I feel like I can and that's frankly not up to 30% of the time.

The weight on your shoulders is a lot and I don't understand the pressure of a reputation or preceding name.

But if you weren't a director or a "cool" kid or anything else, I would still love you as a friend because you're you.

“Pressure makes diamonds” they say but only if it doesn’t kill you first.

I’m writing this as a medium post so you can always click a link and see that someone out there is completely fine with you being an uncool kid.




what point is there in talking about a person that evolves everyday?

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what point is there in talking about a person that evolves everyday?

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